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Discover the best chocolate from around the globe

For Rebels Only


Inside the Box

Discover carefully hand-picked chocolate bars, straight from committed bean to bar makers.

Each box includes 5 to 7 full-size bars of the finest, rarest handcrafted chocolates from all over the globe, our own bimonthly Chokola Mag and additional surprise items. As a member of the Club, you’ll pay less than if you were buying the bars individually. Always find something new. Never get the same bar twice.

Change the way you see, smell, eat and enjoy chocolate, forever.


Chokola Club is a bean to bar chocolate subscription box. For rebels only.

Turning from a sheep to a rebel takes time. But as soon as you're ready to join the Club, we'll be right here, ready to help you discover real chocolate.

The bean to bar movement is growing terribly fast. The time to join the chocolate revolution is now, and we’re making it easy for you. We curate the most wonderful chocolates around the world from passionate bean to bar chocolate makers.

Join the Club.

Bean to Bar

Chocolate in all of its glory, respectfully transformed from the bean to your bar.

Bean to Door

Get our rich selection of bean to bar chocolates, delivered right to your door.

Simply Chocolate

Discover real chocolate all over again, through enriched tastes and textures.

The Chocolate Rebels

Bean to bar. Organic. Direct trade.

All the chocolates curated in our box come from bean to bar chocolate makers. That means every step of the chocolate-making process is respectful of the product, the cocoa farmers, and the environment. Some of our partners even go one step further, guaranteeing direct trade, and all-round organic and fair trade processes. Those are the ultimate rebels.